Mus-E meeting days

After working in the Brussels schools de Wimpel, De Wereldbrug and St. Gillis, on the theme of "Kunst in de keuken" the pupils will meet at FoAM for an interactive and playful day. Kunst in de keuken is a series of co-creative activities with 5th grade pupils in the classroom that is done in collaboration with Mus-E. During these months, FoAM hosts discussions and makes hands-on workshops around the topic of human plant interaction. We work around tasting, planting, eating, cooking, growing and storytelling. The activities revolve around the secret world of mycelium. The aim of the traject is to create a story mirrored on the dining table in terms of design, illustrations, recipes and delicious self-invented dishes. To celebrate and share the results of the process, the children of the Wimpel will meet the children of de Wereldbrug who did a parallel traject on the same topic. This encounter takes place on the 27th of March 2012, at the studio of FoAM Brussels.