Kunst in de keuken 2

Posted Feb. 27, 2012 by Rasa Alksnyte

After tasting different breads and talking about different ingredients, we had to get to know more about this very special thing yeast. Is it dead or really alive? Maybe it is a mushroom or not? It looks definitely dead but why then does it grow so quickly?

So it was time to try it out, to make dough for our bread and see if and how fast it would rise. We used common yeast and dry yeast and also sour dough mixture. The children could choose what kind of dough they wanted to make.

It worked very well.

All different doughs rose quickly and we could shape them into anything we liked. There were many mushrooms, faces, flowers and other abstract shapes made.

But the real beauty came after baking these little breads. The masks they formed now got shades and character, other shapes changed their identity and on an ordinary round loaf of bread shadows of a running man appeared. While baking our breads the kids could assemble their own topping based on yogurt, mascarpone or goat cheese. Sour, sweet, bitter or salty mixtures with many spices were created. They were delicious to eat it with the freshly baked pieces of our artistic bread.