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FoAM Newsletter Winter 02013
While we contemplate slowing down and revaluing silence as the northern hemisphere descends into wintry hibernation, it's time look back on FoAM's bustling activities over the last months as well as look forward to what the new year brings. Travels, …
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FoAM Newsletter Spring 02013
Dear collaborators, colleagues and friends, along with the full bloom of spring we are pleased to bring you the latest seasonal newsletter from FoAM. This time round we have a lot of wrapping up to report - and much that …
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FoAM Newsletter Summer 02014
The earth’s unstoppable orbit around the sun, combined with the obliquity of the ecliptic, are two astronomical facts that we at FoAM Brussels find impossible to ignore. It is due to their combined effects that we now experience “summer” in …
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Comment je collecte et traite l'information
As a FoAMy generalist, I tend to focus on edges between fields rather than focusing on a single one. This means that I collect a lot of information from many different sources, and then weave it together. But how can …
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Machine Wilderness
Machine Wilderness is a project prototyping artificial organisms as functional agents within biomes and landscapes, actively contributing to biodiversity.
Interview with Christian Thornton
Christian Thornton is a glass artist and the artistic director of Studio Xaquixe in Oaxaca. For the Fiesta de Maguey y Maiz, he has been working with Bartaku (FoAM) to create Nube del Oro, a glass sculpture that will entwine with …
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Food, futures and food futures
April was a month of disparate explorations at FoAM bxl. We began with designing an Open Sauces dinner, then hosted Lisa Ma as a speculative designer in residence, mentored our current 'generalist in transience' Michka Melo, and planned various upcoming …
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Seeker In the Wild
Seeker is a worldwide series of co-created starship sculptures that evolve over time. It's a community art project that invites people to fundamentally rethink the future of human habitation and survival by interconnecting technology, ecology and people. Since 2012 five …
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FoAM digest - Spring 02018
In this aperiodic newsletter we bring together current fragments from FoAM's various (and varied) outposts. Find out how we engage with our living environments and their multifarious inhabitants. Track us through arctic forests and botanic gardens, simulated courtrooms and repurposed …
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FoAM digest - Autumn 02018
Harden up, valuable advice from our arboreal neighbours for an autumn of increasing environmental and political turbulence. In this semi-seasonal digest, we take stock of the different ways we at FoAM respond to such turbulences, including economic experiments, citizen science …
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