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Here are all our games, demos and interactive prototypes collected together in one place. Some of them are citizen science games where you can help researchers carry out scientific experiments, others are interactive demos of things we have been building for different projects.


Prototypes for building viruses by designing their geometry and a world populated with host lifeforms for them to infect. More info.

Crab game

A citizen science game commissioned by the Natural History Museum where your crab hunting skills are put to the test. More info.

Cricket tales

Watch wild crickets in their natural habitat, record the things they get up to and leave your mark by building houses for your favourite crickets on the player's field map. More info.


Catch fast moving critters and see how they evolve their patterns to evade capture by their human predators. More info.

Hungry birds: butterfly catching game

Watch evolution happen while you are playing as edible species of butterfly evolve to mimic a toxic species you are trying to avoid. More info.


Make music from a host/parasite co-evolution simulation. Record interesting patterns for the researchers to investigate. More info.


Hunt for camouflaged eggs that have evolved to be difficult to find, based on previous players. More info.

Where is that nightjar?

Have your predatory skills tested by hunting for cryptically camouflaged nightjar birds. More info.

Where is that nest?

This time, hunt for their nest sites from different locations in Africa. More info.

Bumper crop      

In this prototype board game conversion for Android devices, find out what life is like running a farm in rural India. More info.

4 shaft frame loom simulation

Create patterns by controlling the warping of a 4 shaft frame loom. More info.

Tablet loom simulation

A little experimental livecoding language for weaving a tablet loom. More info.


A 2D space shootem-up where the lifeforms evolve to replicate and adapt to your actions.

Al Jazari

Al-Jazari was an influential scholar and engineer who lived at the beginning of the 13th century, this project was inspired by his robot musicians ...

Naked on Pluto

"an on line videogame that reflects on the invasive means used in the development of “social software”. The game starts when the user subscribes ...

Germination X

Computer games allow us to adopt new lives and see the world from different perspectives. FoAM has been working for a number of years ...

Borrowed Scenery

Borrowed Scenery is a story about an alternate reality (past, future or parallel) where plants are a central aspect of human society. Weaving through ...

Dazzle Bug

Dazzlebug is an open source citizen science game made with Laura Kelley and Anna Hughes at Cambridge University to see what patterns are most ...

Butterfly Mimicry Game

How do butterfly wing patterns evolve? The Heliconius Butterfly Wing Pattern Evolver is a game where you take the role of a hungry bird ...

Teaching with Minecraft

We have developed a free software programming environment and set of teaching projects based on Raspberry Pi and its freely available version of Minecraft ...


Egglab is an online computer game in which players search for hidden eggs against different backgrounds to help scientists make new discoveries concerning camouflage ...

Bumper Crop

Bumper Crop is is a social impact board game based on the experiences and challenges of being a smallholding farmer in India. The game ...

Artificially evolved camouflage

As the egglab camouflage experiment continues, here are some recent examples after 40 or so generations. If you want to ...