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Bumper Crop

Bumper Crop is is a social impact board game based on the experiences and challenges of being a smallholding farmer in India. Originally prototyped in India as a board game, FoAM Kernow was commissioned to build a software prototype for Android devices. The game is now up on the play store with the source code here.

The game is part of the Arts Humanities Research Council research project Play to Grow: Augmenting Agriculture with Social Impact Games. The research team behind the game includes: Dr Misha Myers, Interactive Storytelling (Falmouth University UK), Professor Nina Sabnanai, Visual Storytelling and Design (IIT Bombay), Professor Anirudha Joshi, User Testing/HCI (IIT Bombay), Saswat Mahapatra, Visual Design (Deviprasad Goenka Media College Mumbai). The project explored and tested the use of computer games as a method of storytelling and learning to engage urban users in complexities of rural development, agricultural practices and issues facing farmers in India. A paper version of the physical platform of the game, project reports, and conference papers produced through the project are all available to download from the project website.