Residency Karmen Franinovic and Yon Visell

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Excercise 02: syncop tic structure A public space made of syncoptic sound-space gaps, darkness and holes waiting for the player to interact with the each other through light dynamics and to define the space from a multiplicity of constellations, in an innocent game in which skill and chance are no longer distinguishable. The instability of the boundaries of the physical space and the low visibility slow down the player's movements, until he adapts his body to the new environment. An apparent space of nothing is grown to incorporate the player into its expanding reality, and reveals its multiple qualities by assigning them to the primary elements of Syncoptic structure, the players. The Here, at each point (x,y), is identified through the z direction – light. The Now builds itself at each point by repetitive rhythms of sound in a continuous domain of space and time. The luminous transit tube is an extension of the gallery space into the surrounding urban space, the region of transformation of the private into the public. The tube will host documentation of the Artist in residence project and information about the constellations and stars and their use in art.

artist biographies: Karmen Franinovic received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from at Institute of Architecture of Venice. She worked as Design Director on architectural projects with AltenArchitekten, ArchA, Studio Sottass, Isozaki and Ove Arup. In 2000 Karmen co-founded NU_zero lab, which designed several award winning projects, including Amnio(p)tic surface and MutePlateau. Her theoretical research on hospitality, city, sacred, exile, borders, eversion, body-action, home, anarchy and order in collective events and interaction is formalized in digital projects, theatre plays, videos and installation/events and was published in various books/reviews 'Defining Digital Architecture', New York; 'Gommora_territori e culture della metropoli' Roma; 'Possible Futures', Miami etc. Through interactive electronic objects and immersive media environments Karmen is bringing the concepts of slow technology into urban gaps and studying emergent social behaviors in public spaces. She is currently doing her Master at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.

Yon Visell works with concrete and abstract signals, their physics and geometry, especially computer sound; responsive and sensory systems; inhabitable and virtual computational or non-computational geometries and quantization. He has worked with FoAM in Brussels and elsewhere, formerly led DSP development at Ableton AG in Berlin, worked in engineering research at Loquendo Inc., and, before all that, immersed himself in the physics and noncommutative geometry of superstrings at the University of Texas at Austin.

Evelina Kusaite, MA is a designer who combines art, movement and technology with her exploration of the potential of conceptual illustration. In addition to illustration she is working on the techno-textile research is aimed at the production of new fabrics, and one of her aims will be to give to the clothes that she is creating a real sense of moving as the body moves. The aim is for the clothing to come alive, inspired by biological and chemical processes in nature. She studied illustration and fashion design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and at the Utrecht Arts Academy; she completed her European Masters of Fashion and Textile design in Utrecht and Paris at the Institute Francs de la Mode, Paris, France. Evelina's has worked extensively with several dance groups and choreographers, as well as photographers, film makers, architects, hardware and software engineers, applying her knowledge in creating and manipulating fabrics, colors and shapes in various contexts.

Supported by: Flemish Ministry of Culture GAI - Associazione Circuito Giovani Artisti Italiani / Movin'Up Program IDII Interaction design Institute Ivrea thanks to the Inflatable group IDII (Walter Aprile, Massimo Banzi, Dario Buzzini, Eyal Fried, Daniele Mancini and Stefano Mirti) and especially to Massimo Banzi, Eduardo Brambilla and Gert Aertsen.


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