Research Gathering with Michka Mélo

A conversation with FoAM's macrotransient Michka Mélo.

Michka Mélo has been in residence as a macrotransient at the FoAM Brussels studio for ten months now, escaping a probably successful, very likely unpleasant and certainly unethical career as a bioengineer in the medical industry. While at FoAM, Michka has been exploring ways of combining aspects of several transformative experiments, from the design of a daily schedule to the redefinition of his life’s professional project. Gardening, travelling, loving, hacking, reading, meditating, fighting, teaching, hiking, connecting and more have all been part of this agenda since November last year.

Besides telling the story of these life experiments and their successes, failures, and "aha!” moments, Michka would love to hear your feedback about his endeavours, crowdsourcing further directions to explore in coming years. For even though his macrotransiency officially ends two months from now, the path of transformation he has embarked on may well last a lifetime?