Radio Mus-E

MUS-E Belgium is a bilingual organization that connects artists with schools across the country to establish an artistic process with a class of children and their teacher. From January to March 2013 MUS-E artists Elias Vervecken and Rebecca Lenaerts will work with the fourth grade of BS De Regenboog (Etterbeek) and BS De Bron (Saint-Gilles) around radiophonie. During 10 workshops the children explore the possibilities of the medium, they learn how to make sound recordings and become familiar with talking into a microphone.

For this radio program, the artists and the children are inspired by the theme water.The project finishes with a meeting day in FoAM. The children get to know each other, cook and work together. The day ends with the recording of their joint radio program.

With Elias Vervecken, Rebecca Lenaerts, Rasa Alksnyte, Christina Stadlbauer and guests.

With the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie VGC.