Bitesize Symposium: On Borders and Edges

Panel presentations and discussion with Kristina Andersen, Vali Lalioti, Alok Nandi and Sha Xin Wei

What do cocktail-gowns have in common with musical instruments? Television with a table top? Telephones with panoramic views? Topology with sensuality and crocheting with lighting? In our everyday life, probably nothing. In “mixed reality” spaces, a fibre in a dress composes music, a TV screen shines through a table top, a telephone “teleports” players between panoramic landscapes. A topological surface changes dimensions when touched and luminescent wires are crocheted into a wearable wall. Familiar items and conventional gestures function as interfaces between human participants and digital media, where static objects become responsive, alive. In this space, where new media leak from the edges of screens into the physical world, FoAM and IAK organised an event to bring the emergent field of Mixed Reality (MR) into focus.

Transcripts of lectures: