Eat Me

A food related workshop for children from 10-15 years old in the framework of OpenHub Europe event Milan, Italy (Valvassori Peroni library)

FoAM's transgenerational activities focus on complex cultural issues, emergent, technologies, and traditional crafts by co-creating learning platforms for knowledge exchange. The aim is to broaden participants understanding of the context in which they grow, live and play, as well as to provide them with useful practical skills. We investigate different educational models to find new ways of alternative learning.

During the “Eat Me” workshop we will be looking at what happens with food when it is not suitable for eating anymore. How can it be used for other purposes? By using DIY techniques we will work with colorful juices and scraps from vegetables, shiny left overs from food packaging as well as spice powders, this way we will try to create drawings, photos, objects and so much more...

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