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Residency Kaffe Matthews

Kaffe Matthews is a prime guest of FoAM's bed-bench-and-breakfast residency programme. She uses FoAM as her temporary Brussels hub from where she develops her 'Sonic bikes' and their site-specific piece performed in Brussels, supported by Q-O2 and La Monnaie. The sonic bikes carry speakers and a GPS triggered system enabling cyclists to enjoy composed pieces play and change around them dependent on where they cycle.

Recently Kaffe started the Bicrophonic Research Institute, with the aim to facilitate the ongoing development of these musics and landscapes, to develop the capabilities of the bikes, and to offer the sonic bike as a platform to other people, artists, musicians, coders, creatives of whatever age or ability and wherever they might be. They do this by inspiring and running sonic bike and locative music making workshops worldwide through collaborations with local communities, the output of which is the establishment of new sonic bike hubs. These hubs will then start to develop their own way with sonic bikes through community driven outcomes, the results of which supported by the BRI will then feedback into research knowledge for all to share. 

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