1000 portals

Posted July 6, 2020 by Cocky Eek

In the past few months, I went to the park everyday, and pretend it's a beautiful forest.

I found some interesting insertion points to re-connect with this environment. I guess everybody is equipped with a unique set of skills to find some of these portals, as there are more than a 1000 portals. During my practice I always wear some kind of sportswear. Jogging gear serves as a perfect camouflage as you can do any kind of extensive curious exercise in public without people taking notice.


Place your arms by your side, bent forward and look through your spread legs. Choose a position where all sorts passes by; joggers, lovers, dogs and dog-walkers, young , wrinkeld, stiff, bended people, and all other sorts... Observe in this upside down position everyone's specific walking-bounce. I never knew that, no matter what, we all bounce so beautifully when we walk. And I am curious how my own bounce looks.

Sleepy Trees

In Morocco I did an exercise with children in an olive grove.

They climbed in or leaned against the trees and took their time to feel the tree with their eyes closed. Some children reported feeling drowsy. 'Ohhh yeah it must be', I thought by myself and did not pay further attention to it…

Now 1.5 years later, while walking in the park, acorner of my eye was attracted to a tree.

I just leaned against it with my hands. I relaxed my body as much as possible, made contact with the earth through  my feet and for the rest I did nothing.  After 5 minutes I started to get sooo sleepy. Good heavens I could sleep for a year. I walked on and yawned and yawned, my shoulders were so relaxed, and I didn't know they could feel so relaxed.


April Spring Leaves

The air is still fresh in the morning while the sun shines quite brightly. There are these young light green vibrant leaves gently waving high up in the trees above you.

It are the thin leaves, the semi-transparent luminous green ones.

Take a bit of time to let your eye rest on some of them where the sunlight shines right through.

Now walk a little bit further on, and stand still on a comfortable spot and close your eyes. Fill your whole body with this bright luminous green light. Fill yourself up completely: first your chest, then your whole torso, your arms, all of your fingers, your legs, your feet, your lips, your head, with this luminous green matter. Once your completely filled up, open your eyes softly in your environment.

Its a Grey Day

It's a gray day. Just stand still and take some time to look at a piece of this "grey" sky. Observe the nuances in that so-called grey piece of sky and also observe if there is any movement in this gray matter. Now close your eyes very slowly, and let this cloudy matter enter your body under your closing eyelids and let it fill your body completely.

Then open your eyes again and look at this exact same piece of gray matter again and let it flow under your closing eyelids again. Now also fill the spots that had not yet been filled completely. Do this procedure a third time to make sure really everything little part of your body is completely filled. Then when you open your eyes, attentively take a few steps before your grey matter water dissolves...

Its a Blue Day

You can do the same procedure on a blue day


Walking Backwards

In Chinese and Japanese culture there are many walking exercises. I heard about a practice of walking backwards. So here is one version: walk with a partner. One person is the guide and the other is blindfolded. The blindfolded partner walks backwards and you try to guide this person as best as possible walking backwards. In the beginning it's a bit uncomfortable, over time this gets more easy and easy, and the guidance becomes lighter and lighter, while the backwards walker still feels safe. Walk for about 20 minutes. Find a nice place to stop and take the blind off. Then something remarkable happens, which is hard to describe. 


Spread your feet and bend your knees slightly. Lean with your back against a tree with your entire back. Close your eyes. Focus on the imprint of the tree in your back. Try to become a new whole together. At a certain point you slowly detach yourself from the tree and you walk away , while you continue going away, try to feel the imprint of the tree still in your back as much as possible. Then stand still for a moment and turn very slowly until your nose is pointing towards the tree again. Walk very slowly towards the tree while looking at it untill at a certain moment your feet stop in front of the tree.