The Farm Crap App


A sustainable agriculture project designed to help farmers make the most of their manure (slurry, farmyard manure and poultry litter). It's a smartphone app which contains 3 components; the calculator, the image library (to which you can add your own photos), and the record sheets. The calculator will determine the amount of crop-available key nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) within the manure at different spreading rates helping you decide how much to spread in order to meet the crop requirements, and also what this looks like.

This software won the Soil Association Innovation Award 2014. Find out all about it from Claire Reigate and Becky Willson from the Duchy College presenting in style:

Developed by FoAM Kernow on behalf of the SWARM Knowledge Hub, a Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) initiative managed by Duchy College Rural Business School.

Privacy Policy

All your farm's data is stored on your own mobile device - the only time the app connects to the network is to send out CSV formatted data to an email address specified by you for exporting purposes. The app does not connect to the network in any other way, and no data is collected by FoAM Kernow.