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Humans in residence: Holger Ballweg and Shelly Knotts

Holger Ballweg is currently doing a PhD in the sonification of biological information at Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK. Holger is working on methods for identifying specific features of proteins through sound, to improve drug design for example. Holger also performs in various guises, including BenoƮt and the Mandelbrots.

Shelly Knotts is currently finishing her PhD on Live Computer Music at Durham University with a focus on collaboration in Network Music. Shelly produces live-coded and network music performances and projects which explore aspects of code, data and collaboration.

During their residency at FoAM Kernow, Holger and Shelly have been sharing their expertise in data sonification for the FoAM projects Red King and helping to test and improve the Sonic Kayaks.

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