Inari Wishiki

Yoshinari Nishiki (aka Inari Wishiki) has been experimenting with economically-sound and morally unacceptable ways to gain / circulate resources. When the economy seemed so firmly bound with legal norms, causing an internal conflict was deemed an effective remedy. When money is increasingly becoming an obstacle to achieve anything, people are still obliged to participate in the market economy, while pretending to be providing useful products / services. The result is the overall decline of quality in operation and huge amounts of waste produced every single second worldwide. Having tweaked supply chains to recover value lost in market failures, Inari's interest naturally shifted towards a deeper infrastructural realm: the mode of moving things, namely logistics. Methods of accumulation and distribution pursued have included, among others, free transport by crowd, moving a mountain of agricultural produce with food couriers, and single-handedly flipping a 20-foot container.