The Wild Brunch: Beyond Brunch


This Sunday (19.05.2019) the Vooruit Cafe will be transformed in an experimental garden for food and rituals. During THE WILD BRUNCH: BEYOND BRUNCH in the framework of AMEN & BEYOND* festival we will be investigating the meaning behind the ingredients and dishes, the message of colours and the stories that are hiding in the ritualistic kitchen. The leading themes of this festival (healing, pain, care, un-acknowledged loss and comforting) will be translated in the tastes and dishes or/and rituals that you can experience during this tasteful afternoon.

Info and tickets:

In collaboration with:

Scenography and design Bieke Bettens (Vooruit)

Chef-cook Tom De Vleesschouwer (Vooruit)

Rituals Rasa Alksnyte (FoAM)

*Amen & Beyond is a two week festival curated by Barbara Raes and Colin H. Van Eeckhout