Tree identity walk

On Saturday 28 September artists An Mertens, Rasa Alksnyte and Wendy Van Wynsberghe organise a narrative walk about the identity of trees in the Forêt de Soignes/Zoniënwoud. During the walk they take a closer look at the different personalities of trees, their rights and duties, their energy use and their habitats: working up from their roots in the earth to their canopy high above us.

Some forests resemble a metropolis – places where many different species live together. As human beings, we often don't notice such wide diversity of forest life; various species remain invisible or inaudible to us, unless we unveil them through small interventions such as this one with Wendy Van Wynsberghe – an experience between storytelling and performance that will change your outlook on trees forever.

There is parking at Drève du Comte/Graavendreef, Enfants Noyés/Verdronken Kinderen, next to the former Hippodrome de Boitsfort/Renbaan Van Watermaal-Bosvoorde.