Unsinging Linear Time

The collective residency ‘Unsinging linear time’ brings together 8 artists at Kaaitheater in Brussels. It is a continuation of the research 'A gathering of ghosts'. Ingrid Vranken, Gosie Vervloessem, Mathieu Charles, Rodrigo Batista, Nahuel Cano, Mihaela Brebenel, Rasa Alksnyte and Mayfield Brooks will share practices that allow to experience time differently. How do artistic practices change when we perceive time as non linear? What kind of work will we make if we declare the deadline dead? How does it change the relationship between artists and institutions.

Our daily experience of time is linear, as if we are on an unstoppable train, driving the past into the future. Many cultures and thinkers however describe time as thick and layered, circular, branching off into parallel timelines. We perceive linear time as a colonial psychological violence. Is decolonisation of the mind possible by unsinging ourselves from linear time?