200810 Research Gathering with Angelo Vermeulen

During this research gathering Angelo Vermeulen will present a round-up of Translucent Futures, a project he started at FoAM in June and continued at a residency at [nadine] in September and October, supported by the Guild for Reality Integrators and Generators. The meeting starts with a short introduction outlining the project’s main goals and research approach through mind-mapping, wiki-building and collaboration with specialists from different fields. Apart from operating as an activist/artistic platform, Translucent Futures also functions as a base for the creation of new art projects.

During his residency at [nadine], Vermeulen started the pre-production of a live documentary dealing with issues raised in Translucent Futures. As such, his research focus shifted from the strictly theoretical to a more practical, applied context. Two specific topics are explored in more detail: representation of the digital and dystopia in cyberpunk from the late 80s/early 90s, and hacking culture. Both serve as inspirational background material to shape the documentary project. The presentation will conclude with a personal selection of video clips of cyberpunk/dystopian movies. The evening will continue with gRig's All Hallow's Eve.

  • http://fo.am/translucent_futures