State of the Arts

'State of the Arts' calls all artists, from the broad and flourishing international scene , to come together to look at our present situation here in Belgium, and see how we want to position ourselves as artists and 'take Action'.

'State of the Arts' wants to claim ownership of the present position of Artists as propagators of culture and 'In order for things to stay as they are things must change”. To do this 'State of the Arts' will bring together the multitude of art practices already exploring this area.

'State of the Arts' will set up a Work Symposium to examine the value and position of art and artists in todays society. The intention behind this will be to create a solid springboard towards action. 'State of the Arts' is a two evening platform taking place on the 6th and 7th of November where we as artists can come together to debate, get informed, educate ourselves and start to think of scenarios of action.