Seedballing at Micronomics

Klorofil, OKNO and FoAM together host a seedballing workshop in Brussels as a part of the Micronomics Festival. Since 2006, City Mine(d) devote themselves to the issue of economic paradoxes in Brussels. Under the banner Micronomics, they look for answers at the micro-scale. They have brought together a wealth of micro-initiatives, who are actively building an urban micro-economy that is fair to those who take part in it and that is at the heart of the way our cities are shaped.

During the 2010 Micronomics festival, Klorofil, FoAM and OKNO join forces to spread the green virus in the city. In a collaborative action they organize seed-balling workshops, construct small vertical gardens and provide information on how to grow your own vegetables on the tiniest spaces in the city.

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