Rooftop Gardens

How to set up a rooftop garden… The what, why and how of rooftop gardens: an introduction by Whether on one-story structures, or on tall skyscrapers, rooftop gardens are tiny heavens with a charm of their own. Intimate worlds, secluded from the bustling city life, where city dwellers can grow plants, meet friends, or relax amidst the otherwise scarce greenery. Rooftop gardens enhance the quality of air, turn waste into food, while providing a space for play, shade and shelter for their inhabitants. Over time, rooftop gardens grow into small green oases of life - botanical, zoological, as well as cultural. On this late summer afternoon, FoAM and OKNO plan an informal event with presentations, demonstrations and discussions, in and outdoors:

  • 2.30pm: Presentation by Ibic (FoAM - 4th floor)
  • 4.30pm: Demonstration moment (OKNO - 2nd floor)
  • 5.30pm: Discussion with drinks (OKNO - 2nd floor)