Research Gathering Porras and Canseco

A research gathering as a start of the Family Residency of Daniela Porras, Luis Canseco and their child Dante. They present their work for the Fiesta del Maiz y Maguey in Oaxaca, as well as their plans for the Fiesta del EITC, The Homecoming.

As family in residence they explore the cultural impact of the meeting of two continents – Europe and the Americas – nowhere more pronounced than in the contrast between the cities of Oaxaca and Brussels, despite the ongoing process of globalisation. Taking the metaphor of a bridge between Mexico and Europe as a starting point, they aim to link the two high points of their experience in EITC – working in Oaxaca and working in Europe – as inspiration for artworks and site-specific installations with materials that come to hand during their stay in Brussels.