201112 Research Gathering with Maria Lucia Cruz Correia

O.E.E. - Ontological Ecology of echoes

“When Nature takes back, a social story"

Everything that lives and cohabits on earth is composed by mechanisms of living processes: animist encounter on reading the traces of life, growth and infiltration. Maria Lucia's research addresses the space as a living organism, a body. It suspends, a poetic and symbolic interference that proposes the illness of the space as a metaphor, a reveal of spatial malfunctions, disabilities, and failures of its metabolism. The transformation on the space involves a methodology, trying to understand how organisms grow in common grounds of invasion, infiltration, catastrophe and collapse: the hierarchical empowerment and its impact on society and environment. The relation between humanity and nature is presented as a parasitism and a collective change in any direction it grows.  The human being is perceived as active absorber, a spreading cancer while the environment is perceived as the empowered patient, the host.

The research develops an idea based on the construction of a habitat. It is presented as iconic symbol of home and common ground for familiar happenings in society. It reveals an organic appropriation of the space: a scenario of changes within the ultimate revenge from nature towards humanity. The interference of termites is essential on the degradation process of the house: by eating the wood the structure will collapse. The presence, participation and performance of human, is presented by its living daily life and the adaptation along the changes that might happen until the end of the collapsing process. The surrounding reality is presented as the main entrance for a social sculpture. Through an ontological system, based on rethinking the immanent world of living beings, that invade alter and affect its own trajectory. A survival, a reconstruction of what is lost in order to recover what is present. A given tool, an ideological filter of reality defined by the natural cycle of nature processes. A socio-Political re-construction of “nature to nature”

Project in collaboration with

Ken De Cooman- http://www.brusselscooperation.be/buildingcasestudies/

Nicolas Leménager www.cirad.fr