Occupaïe Le Vivat

Celebration de la vie quotidienne

Workshop, 15 - 18h

In the frame of "Occupaïe", a programme that re-inverses the logic of theatre and programming, Rasa Alksnyte and Barbara Raes will give a workshop in Le Vivat ( Armeniètres). The focus of the workshop is to create mini-rituals for daily life. Through imagination and ritualisation, six to nine year old kids will produce their own rituals and experiment with the rituals of others. A vivid market of mini rituals will be the end result of cooking together!

Echapper au Burn-Out

Talk, 20 - 21h

Barbara Raes will speak about her experience at FoAM in 2014-2015 and the importance of her 'transiency' to be able to re-think life after her burn-out.

More information: Occupaïe Le Vivat programme (pdf)