In the historical basements of the city of Arnhem Foamlab joins the Made under Arnhem festival. In the deep vaults a Japanese dancer and choreographer, Kenzo Kusuda, emerges from a wanton heap of fabric, the remnants of the Notsnic satellite. This space capsule plummeted back to Earth after it mysteriously liquefied into a silvery molten drop. Guided only by Notsnic sounds recovered by Theun Karelse, the performer and public discover an ever-growing shape as the material is inflated.

Like an unstoppable entity the white shape increases to fill the entire subterranean space, forcing the public to ever narrower ridges along the walls. By then Kenzo has found an entrance into the white shape and the audience find holes in the membrane through which to stick their heads, put in place by designer Cocky Eek at all side of the blob. Kenzo playfully guides the audience through all aspects of this foreign world, which starts to collapse again. The show comes to its natural conclusion as the dancer carries the massive bundle of fabric around the room, finally subsiding under its weight.