Machine Wilderness @ Pixelache

Theun Karelse and Clemens Driessen speak about their work and host a Machine Wilderness workshop tailored to the landscape of Helsinki. In this workshop we'll try methods for rapid prototyping and fieldwork to imagine infrastructures for non-humans.

Other animals and plants are gradually joining us in our urban and industrial landscapes. Could technology be used as a positive influence for them to navigate human dominated environments?

We propose an exploration of urban mixed zones in Helsinki to prototype technological interventions for wild animals to navigate the local Anthropocenic landscapes. We will collectively prototype interfaces of empathy for a range of wild creatures that inhabit or transverse Helsinki. We'll build a deck of cards for the Helsinki area and use these as a tool for rapid prototyping and to build scenarios for the city and it's non-human inhabitants / visitors.

So we'll learn about species living there, about hidden opportunities for them and about rapid prototyping methods. You can bring determination guides for flora and fauna. Or other tools that may help to get in touch with non-human life in the city.