Machines and Interspecies Communication

Robotics and Interspecies Communication: can machines relate to animals?

A conversation with Ian Ingram and Clemens Driessen

On his way to our Machine Wilderness expedition to the Finnish polar circle for Ars Bioarctica, we spend an evening with Los Angeles based artist Ian Ingram. Ian builds cunning mechatronic and robotic systems that cohabitate and interact with wild animals. His work includes devices that try to relate to squirrels, crows and lizards.

He will be joined by Clemens Driessen (WUR) who has been exploring to what extent material design - from landscapes to devices - could play a role in learning to find new ways of living with wild and less wild others. He will talk about milking robot politics on the farm and an attempt with game designers to create new forms of human-pig interaction.

location: PopinnPark Middenweg 20 Amsterdam

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