Luminous Green Retreat 2010

Luminous Green 2010 is a retreat about resilience; about a human world that is enlightened, imaginative, electrified and most importantly, living in a fertile symbiosis with the planet. The retreat is an exceptional occasion, a place where we can learn about and from each other. In the process, participants will attempt to jointly explore questions related to the theme of the retreat: resilience. What would a resilient human world be like? How do you experience resilience in your life? How do you encourage it in yourself and others? What can we do (or not do) as individuals, communities and organisations to increase the resilience of our environments and cultures?

The retreat aims to stimulate transdisciplinary discussions and collaborations between people from all walks of life – artists, scientists, designers, academics, gardeners, activists, social entrepreneurs, cooks and policy-makers. Participants invited include renowned experts alongside curious enthusiasts, interested in making their work, life or society an example of resilience, innovation and inspiration. Luminous Green is designed to encourage the interaction and commitment of everyone involved. Inspired by the Art of Hosting, we use a range of participatory facilitation techniques (including Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry and collaborative prototyping) to spawn conversations, contacts and propositions, for looking beyond (and beneath) conservation and sustainability.

LG 2010