Let the beauty of nature encourage innovative thinking and acting

Join us for a lecture and discussion with Janine Benyus and a panel of experts regarding nature’s inspiration and solutions in teaching us smart ways to design holistically. Given the wide range of projects concerning urban design (inspired by ecosystems), small projects for water harvesting (inspired by a Namibian beetle), and how to design for extreme environments both in closed conditions (for example NASA up in space) and open systems (extreme weather/environments on earth). Using this platform for discussion, join us to talk with the designers, architects and ecologists turning to nature. The group includes Biomimicry expert Janine Benyus, who has been awarded this year's Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development, Thomas Nyström, Maria Nyström, Fredrik Moberg and Larry Toups. The seminar is moderated by Anna Maria Orru, practicing biomimicry architect/researcher in Sweden.

Lets the beauty of nature encourage innovative thinking and acting

  • For more information please contact Anna Maria Orru, Department of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology: orru@chalmer.se
  • To register, please send an email to lotta.sarnbratt@chalmers.se before 18 November