Deep Steward

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This experimental set-up explores the possibilities of a ‘zoöp,’ which is a new form of organization in which humans and non-humans become joint owners and collaborators within a co-operation. The term is a combination of coöp (short for co-operation) and zoë (Greek for ‘life’). Part of the experimental set-up is a DeepSteward developed by Ian Ingram and Theun Karelse, an artificial neural network which oversees and interprets the environmental processes and population dynamics of the two large pools at Het Nieuwe Instituut, which form the body of this first experimental zoöp.

Externally, zoöps function like any other co-operation and they can exist within the existing juridical-economic infrastructure. Internally, zoöps have a zoönonomy, not aimed at generating financial capital but aimed at fulfilling the ecological potential of the zoöp. Any activity undertaken by the zoöp cannot negatively impact its zoönomic conditions. The DeepSteward keeps a watchful eye..

DeepSteward is a collaboration between Ian Ingram and Theun Karelse

Zoöp is a collaboration between Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Theun Karelse with support by Bas van Koolwijk


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