Cultural Geology


Will we be the first humans in 12.000 years to taste Mammoth?
Artistic research into 'building with nature': the Zandmotor as cultural phenomenon.

We kindly invite you to join us on the March 29 for Expedition Zandmotor#2 - Cultural Geology, the second public expedition on the Sand Motor as cultural phenomenon. Satellietgroep invites artists for artistic research in collaboration with locals and scientists on the Zandmotor as cultural phenomenon. The Zandmotor, called 'building with nature' is an innovative coastal experiment carefully monitored by policymakers and international scientists and widely appropriated by the locals, including fossils collectors.

During Expedition#2 we connect arts, science and audience to focus on the shifting relations of man and nature. We invite you to experience the new works called 'Next Doggerland' by artist in residence Theun Karelse of FoAM, 'Mistaking clouds for mountains' by Josje Hattink, to explore the shift from Holocene to Anthropocene on the Zandmotor during fieldwork with fossils collectors Bert van der Valk, Henk Mulder and Bram Langeveld and to enlarge the local focus to global climate effects with our new resident Esther Kokmeijer. We conclude the day with an informal discussion and dinner, including a taste from the Holocene by Theun Karelse and Sjim Hendrix!

Location: Villa Ockenburgh/LocatieZ, Monsterseweg 4, Den Haag
Dresscode: outdoor!
Contribution for participation: € 10,-
Register: satellietgroep/at/gmail/dot/com