DORIS is a research tool designed for sampling and mapping European lobsters (Homarus gammarus) in the marine environment. DORIS exists as an Android smartphone app, database and public website, and is designed for researchers to use in the challenging conditions of small fishing boats at sea.

DORIS is the result of a collaboration between the University of Helsinki, University of Exeter, the National Lobster Hatchery (registered charity no. 1105434), and FoAM Kernow. The development was performed by Dave Griffiths (FoAM) in consultation with Dr. Amber Teacher (University of Helsinki/University of Exeter), Dr. David Hodgson (University of Exeter) and Charlie Ellis (University of Exeter/National Lobster Hatchery). This project was funded by the European Social Fund, the University of Helsinki, the Academy of Finland (Grant no. 138043), and The Fishmongers' Company.


Smartphones in ecology and evolution: a guide for the app-rehensive

A paper on the use of smartphone software in citizen science and reserch tools published in Ecology and Evolution.

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