Bartaku's winter update

Posted Feb. 20, 2015 by Bart Vandeput (Bartaku)

Aroniacentrism – Aronia Overture and Aronia Morphism (2014>2017)

In 2014 the Aronia berry-agency shrank the throats of various ‘Unchoirs’ and ‘modelled’ for the Aronia Octopus – an electronic sound module- as part of the Aronia Overture: the essence of the Aronia Berry in Eleven Movements – performed at festivals in Latvia and Brussels (Riga Cult. Capital / QO2 Interpretations).

On Sept. 11, 2014 the Aronia M. berry expressed its dissatisfaction with it’s scientific name Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) Elliott., resulting in a new name “Baroa Belaobara”. In the coming years the consequences will be investigated, including the possible new forms of a berry that mgatches the nomenclaturical void. Est. 2 to 3 to year artistic research with various partners (Hiap (Fin), Serde (Lat), Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology of the University of Latvia...) as part of (2013-2018)

Keywords: Phytosemiotics; Synthetic Biology; Morphogenesis; Plant Cognition; Neurobiology; Philosophy; Ecology & Systems Thinking

The Aronia-work emerges since 2009 during annual harvest time research at "1 Ha 'Aronia M. Power Plantation’”: a former Soviet plantation at the edge of a shrinking town at a day’s walk from the Baltic sea.

HoopGas (May 2013 >...)

The agave power plant raises its voice via volatile hormones spraying human and other systems. But how does the Agave of the lower countries responds to enigmatic banana made ethylene?

This strand of research builds further on 'Nube de Oro', work on -and with- the Agave, in Oaxaca (Mex.) incl. glasswork by Xaquixe (C. Thornton)

To Thread that Truck (Summer 2015 >...)

Investigating the transformation of a mining (hyper) truck into a single shiny thread. At city of Bor (Serbia) where one of the biggest copper mines is situated.

In collaboration with Kulturni Front / Grad - European centre for culture and debate (part of frontiers in retreat).