Parnidžio Kopa

Posted Dec. 9, 2013 by Theun Karelse

The Kopa is a landmark and panorama giving visitors a dramatic outlook of the Neringa peninsula. Visitors come by car mostly and at the parking lot there is a suitable patch of deteriorated grassland for me to work on. All landscaping done in this park is strictly reserved for the foresters caring for it, but here I think I can add some touches. I'm relying on experience gained building an instant forest in the millionaire's garden last year. I intend the landscaping to be subtle and naturalistic. The end result should look untouched to passing visitors (and foresters) even during the process – also because park officials don't know about my plans. I leave the places where I removed materials without signs of disturbance and take material primarily from uprooted soil left by wild boars. In all it consists of seven hours of landscaping, transplanting over 100 grasses and adding leaves, pine needles etc. Three times tourists pass by during my work. None seem to have noticed anything unusual going on. The result is a rather unremarkable piece of landscape, overshadowed by the spectacular panorama seen from the main lookout area.



>Lat: 55.295165
Lon: 20.990142

Posted by FoAM member Theun Karelse as part of the TechnoEcologies residency program at Nida Art Colony.