Open House

Posted June 4, 2012 by Rasa Alksnyte

For Open House, we opened our doors to a wider public. We presented a colourful collection of sketches and prototypes in various stages of completion, providing an insight into the collaborative and creative processes developed at FoAM. Our activities were divided into three topics that reflect our working process, ideas and vision: food, plants, and FoAM’s current project, Resilients.

The first day was all about food. We introduced fresh flowery snacks presented on “Intimate Tables” created by furniture designer Olivier van Hamme. Visitors could sit down and connect over various tasty treats.

The second day Coralie Stalberg – recently interning at FoAM – presented the results of her current research project, along with collected stories and textile preservation techniques.

For FoAM’s members the day started even before we came to the studio. As a Future Preparedness case study for the Resilients project we asked the question "Could random acts of kindness change the world?" Our visitors could experience a Burgeishas massage, bread kneading, mushroom kisses, and collected superpowers in a jar.

The last day of the festival was especially diverse. FoAM members Angelo Vermeulen, Bart Vandeput (Bartaku), and Dave Griffiths presented some of their experiments. Daniel Berio, Andre Cavalheiro, Ludmila Rodrigues, Marloes van Son and Walid Wardak – students at the ArtScience department of the Royal Academy in Den Haag – showcased their experiments from the groWorld research seminar in an attempt to answer the question: what would a vegetal culture be like?

The Open House Festival ended but FoAM continues to work. Are you interested to peek in and see what we do? Just check our event calendar and drop by.