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Bed, Bench and Breakfast

In the spirit of hospitality, FoAM in Brussels offers accommodation and workspace for those in transit or in need of a short-term residence. In BBB residencies we share our facilities (sleeping quarters, workbenches, meeting spaces, library and kitchen) with friends (or friends of friends) and acquaintances, people from our wide international networks, characters we met once and would like to meet again, and others we never met but whose work we appreciate. These residencies have no programme and no strings attached, which we hope encourages serendipity through occasional conversations if we happen to meet in the studio's corridors…

We have no special expectations for BBB residents, except that they be good house guests: think how to enrich the studio with their presence, find a way to fit in smoothly without too many disruptions – respect other people's space and need for concentration, clean up after themselves, perhaps occasionally make tea for the hosts (we appreciate small gestures like that!). Mi casa, tu casa…

NOTE: This programme ended in 2016.

Residency Nicolas Y Galeazzi

Nicolas Y Galeazzi has transformed FoAM's bed-bench-and-breakfast residency programme into a bench-only residency in autumn 2015, exploring his changing relationships with time.

Residency Kaffe Matthews

Kaffe Matthews is a prime guest of FoAM's bed-bench-and-breakfast residency programme. She uses FoAM as her temporary Brussels hub from where she develops ...

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