Space rental

Until the end of May 2017 in FoAM bxl we offer a range of spaces for meetings, workshops and events. Our unique studio is situated on the top floor of a centuries old mill and warehouse in the Canal district of Brussels. The studio has several open-plan areas that can be used for a variety of events, including participatory sessions, meetups, hackathons, dinners, symposia and any other special events. We can accommodate groups up to 40 people, or more for standing receptions and walk-through exhibitions. In addition to the two larger event spaces, we offer several smaller rooms (including our eclectic library), that can be used for meetings and round table discussions. We are delighted to be able to offer some of our most inspiring spaces, as memorable settings for your events.

Contact us for a personalised offer, which can also include FoAM's renowned thematic catering, as well as transdisciplinary process facilitation and hosting.

A few glimpses of the FoAM studio:


"The FoAM space was an extra participant in itself during our meeting. It made everybody move around yet still focused. The food was delicious and gave us all just the right kind of energy to continue into the afternoon."- Rob Van Kranenburg


Dining room


"I do not think I could ever rent another meeting room in Brussels! This creative space is perfect for an out-of-office brainstorming day. The food is excellent and the atmosphere relaxing and conducive to insightful meetings."- Lora Verheecke


"I love the space in FoAM, as it offers so many possibilities when working with groups. The space is huge, still it doesn't overwhelm you because of its different 'corners'. Most of all I like the feeling of being at home, with the kitchen, the kitchen table and the sofa's! A good space for innovation!" - Ria Baeck