Residency Thomas Jellis

As a doctoral student in the School of Geography at the University of Oxford, Thomas Jellis joined FoAM for a “geographer in residence” experiment. His research attends to sites of aesthetic activity and interrogates the emergence of distinctive hybrid spaces of alternative, or non-scientific, experimentation. By drawing on work from a range of disciplines the thesis is driven by three sets of issues: (1) the geographies and genealogies of aesthetic experimentation, (2) the practices and logics of these experiments and (3) the ethico-political potential of these spaces. It is hoped a set of empirical research encounters (an assemblage of field-sites, interventions, and collaborations) with spaces of alternative experimentation will have inventive conceptual effects. In addition to his short residency at FoAM in Brussels, Thomas has spent time in Montreal with the Topological Media Lab and SenseLab, in Berlin with the Institut für Raumexperimente, and in London with the Office of Experiments.


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