Residency Nicolas Y Galeazzi

Nicolas Y Galeazzi has transformed FoAM's bed-bench-and-breakfast residency programme into a bench-only residency in autumn 2015, exploring his changing relationships with time:

Time as a ticking clock is a cultural product that influences the core of our social behavior. Time as a physic phenomena is relative to space, measured in speed of light and organized by gravity. Time as a biological clock depends on outside temperature, DNA’s and instinctive behavior. Time perceived by an emotional body depends on motivation, exhaustion, and may be greater in your brain. 

All this shall be called time? Their different frequencies create shifting rhythmical patterns - a moiré - that might never find a point of total synchronization. Nicolas Galeazzi sees in this dis-synchronization of time perceptions an inherent tension between the individual and the common. Using his agenda as a drum kit, his herbal garden as a clock and his body as a time traveler, he is researching the dynamics between these ‘timezones’  and opening up to other approaches to time management in respect to its economic, spiritual and artistic values.


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