Microresidency Obstinate Lump

"There is something about how it's kind of ugly and sticky and misshapen and almost banal and obtuse. Or obstinate - it doesn't care what I want, it is just a lump. Obstinate Lump."

Dough resists neatness and control, an aesthetic of the unmade, lumpen and formless. It is an unwieldy mass that provides a physical confrontation with intractable matter. This stuff is not fluid, it is a sticking point for the mind to flow around, and as such acts as a provocative anchor to the mess of the world. Dough is an obstinate medium – it can be anti-architectural and anti-design in its production of form.

During their Microresidency from the 10th to the 17th of July 2013, Bridget Currie and Chloe Langford exploit the alien qualities of bread dough to produce sculptural objects, and experiment with the structural and load-bearing capacities of bread dough. Dough as a medium is cheap, living, biodegradable, employs chance, is edible, non-toxic, expands and smells good. This residency will be an opportunity to work intensively with bread dough as a medium. Experimenting with the limits of dough, how it can be supported by metal (tins and trays) to build up sculptural forms, how the dough is produced (wild vs. commercial yeast) and what mixtures work best for making these kinds of structures.

Microresidency in progress: http://lib.fo.am/obstinate_lump


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