FOODPRINTS is about renewing the city, defining the possibilities, and mapping the territory. It aims to bring possible practices and methods to the Stockholm cityscape and planning policy. The idea is that food plays a central part in a functioning society. Viewing the city as an organism instead of as a fragmented site, this project aims to amalgamate the interests of the city. Biomimicry, future scenario building and systems thinking help us to map the behavior of citizens and to compare their behavior as a species to the workings of similar organisms that are able to sustain themselves within their environments. The goal is to make Stockholm more than sustainable or green, the goal is to form our collective behaviour according to knowledge of how we might flourish in the greater landscape resiliently. We have developed the ‘Foodprints’ toolkit system & navigate through these diverse issues, creating the space for discussing food strategies, urban metabolism and our resilient future. Food has a as fundamental a role in this project as it does in our daily lives. This will nourish us.

FOODPRINTS, our book, is now published!
To download a Low-resolution pdf to the catalog, please follow the following link:
Foodprints. If you prefer a hard copy, the Printed design book can also be ordered by emailing us.

This project is kindly made possible through Innovativ Kultur, City of Stockholm. Funding was received from a bio-inspired call from the Innovativ Kultur department in the Stockholm Commune.

Foodprints by Anna Maria Orru is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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