Family in residence: Ali Crosby, Alex Davies & Luka

FoAM's first ever family in residence returns as the last (at least for the foreseeable future). Luka was the youngest ever resident of foam, arriving in Brussels in October 2009, being only three weeks old. In December 2015 he returned as a six year old with active imagination and lots of energy. The family help us celebrate the conclusion of an important phase of FoAM bxl and usher in the transitional year 2016. The residency blurred the edges of life and work: the studio was transformed into a playground, where foam team held strategic conversations about future collaborations with the parents, underneath and in-between enactments of prehistoric battles, orc attacks and half finished lunches.

Alex Davies is a media artist and researcher at the national institute for experimental arts at the university of New South Wales, and Ali Crosby is a designer, researcher, writer and interdisciplinary artist at the school of design of the university of technology in Sydney. Together they are constructing a studio and residency space, inspired by (among other things) their stay at foam and our partner organisation time's up. Before and after the festive NYE at the studio, plans were forged for the nomadic foam duo (Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney) to temporarily land at their premises in Sydney at the end of 2016.