Delta Casus

First results from the field exploration of the multi-species futures in the Dutch river delta region, on invitation by the Embassy of the North-sea.

FoAM digest - Autumn 02020

As this atypical summer in the Northern hemisphere draws to a close, we thought it timely to share what's been on our minds and in the works. To let you know how we've been, what we're up to and discuss some of our attempts at sensemaking while navigating uncertainty and these "turbulent times". Echoes from isolation, from a place reminiscent of The City and The City where "from that historically …

Voicing the dawn

In this reflection on rewilding my professional life through experiments with birdsong, I meander through the structure of dawn chorus, my research on birdsong in composition and some ideas for my new work Gardez La Distance, alongside personal thoughts on living and working with nature, linking sound, habitat and physiology of the time and place.

Plotting a path

In the proliferation of graphs and curves in recent months, finding meaning isn't always easy. When we see graphs as tools, reading them as sketches and summaries, they can be used to watch changes more closely, to better understand risk and uncertainty in chaotic situations. At FoAM we often use graphs to visualise and structure our participatory processes. One particular curve has been helpful in charting the evolution and various …

Step by step: building tangible livecoded braid robots

After successfully performing maypole dances and creating simple twists and weaves with hundreds of passers by at the Algomech festival in Sheffield, we noticed how much people like to interact with our woven robots - wanting to help or direct their actions by picking them up and trying to understand what they are doing.

As we are interested in tangible programming - where we move code from its conventional …

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