As systems crumble...

Ever since the Yugoslav war in the 1990s, I've got border issues. When the borders began closing in response to the Covid-19 pandemic I had a strong sense of déjà vu. Will the pandemic become yet another catalyst for violence and fragmentation? Just another reason to solidify borders and create distance from the other, the foreign, the uncanny and the unknown?

FoAM Zenne - co-working with plants and ghosts

On the verge of it’s 20th anniversary, a regenerated FoAM Brussels reveals its future plans as FoAM Zenne. We cultivate regenerative cultural practices with humans and other-than-humans, questioning how to live (well) in times of loss and shifting cultural values.

A checklist (moving house during a pandemic)

'Stay home', 'Shelter in place', 'Self-isolate'. Such instructions can only make sense with an appropriate place to stay. So, what would constitute a good shelter during a pandemic? A shelter that could become a home? Alongside the usual practicalities of location, cost or available services, what are some of the less tangible aspects to pay attention to?

Will this burn down my house?

Tracing our paths in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic led us to challenge what or where is considered 'home', and what our homes could become.

Memory Practice #2

How did pre-literate cultures store the vast amounts of information their cultures needed to thrive; the knowledge about their environment, the beings that surround them and how to live there as a people? I'm trying out some hands-on experiments and this is how its been unfolding this spring.

AccessLab pandemic style

Making an AccessLab event work online. This post covers changes we made to the workshop format, what worked and what didn't, and what we'd do differently next time.

Off-grid micro scale manufacturing – part of a COVID-19 response in Cornwall

For some time we have been prioritising tools and processes that can be reused for different purposes in times where infrastructure is failing. Part of our COVID-19 response to the above problems has been to refit a small garden shed with a solar power setup (from our Sonic Kayak workshops) so we can run one of our CNC machines more or less unsupervised*, slowly churning out small parts for …

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