Deep Steward

When landscape appeared in European art it emerged first as a landscape of symbols. The Gothic depiction of Earth was populated with features that were primarily there as convenient symbols for a narrative. Now that landscape emerges in artificial neural networks, they seem to emerge as a landscape of commodity. DeepSteward looks for ways to let machines develop their own taxonomies: a deep bestiary..

Innovation: Taking Risks or Making Risks?

We were recently invited by Michka Mélo to talk about complexity, uncertainty and possible futures in the context of innovation at EPFL - École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. We had the pleasure of meeting the students, engineers and entrepreneurs to share our thoughts and experiences of in the form of a lecture performance and a "playshop". The text from the lecture has been published on medium and on our …

Witnessing care

A short reflection on working within palliative daycare centre Topaz Brussels in collaboration with body voice practice Oracle as part of In/Finity project.

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