Penelope: a new 4 year weaving project

In 2015 the "Weaving Codes:Coding Weaves" project was a chance to investigate a whole bunch of new things: building new forms of hardware, make tangible programming interfaces, taking the long view on technology and investigating other digitally based societies, such as the Inca with their Quipu knot databases.

This work has fed into so many new projects that it's great to be able to announce our participation in the new …

FoAM digest - Spring 02017

The budding energy of early spring enticed us to bring out some vital news from across the FoAM network. The last year has been turbulent both within the microcosms of our studios and in the macrocosms around us. This has only strengthened our determination to continue evolving our network as a distributed, anti-fragile entity. In this aperiodic digest we weave together the threads of the various activities that our nodes …

Shelly's sonification residency

During my week at FoAM I worked on the project Molecular Soundscape which I am developing with chemists at Newcastle University. The aim of the project is to develop sound based work which can accompany visualisations of protein dynamics both to communicate the process of drug design to non-specialists and to aid scientists in analysing the effects of experimental drugs on specific proteins. The scientists I am working with have …

Tanglebots for young people with autism

An overview of our Tanglebots workshop, re-developed for young people with autism and their families, together with the Cultural Minds research group fromt he University of Exeter. What we did to adjust the workshop format, what worked and didn't work, and changes we'd recommend others make if they run similar events.

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