Symbiotic Systems workshop

Prototyping symbiotic sytems based on specific landscapes in Amstelpark. April 29-30, 2016

A two day workshop in the Machine Wilderness program led by Ivan Henriques, prototyping an artificial systems that is integrated into the landscape of the Amstelpark.

Data sonification for citizen science

We're working on two sonification projects at FoAM Kernow - Red King and Sonic Kayaks - so have started looking into how we can get the most out of sonification for citizen science.

Cricket Tales released

Cricket Tales is an ambitious citizen science project. 438 days of CCTV footage from the Wild Crickets Research group - the only record of wild behaviour of insects of it's kind. It turns out that insects have more complex lives and individuality than we thought, and the game is a way of helping uncover this more precisely. For Foam Kernow, this was also a significant project as the biggest …

A 6502 lisp compiler, sprite animation and the NES/Famicom

For our new project "what remains", we're regrouping the Naked on Pluto team to build a game about climate change. In the spirit of the medium being the message, we're interested in long term thinking as well as recycling e-waste - so in keeping with a lot of our work, we are unraveling the threads of technology. The game will run on the NES/Famicom console, which was originally released …

The General Opinion at SWARM

Swarm was an event organised by Field Notes at The Exchange Gallery in Penzance on the 23rd of April, bringing together artists from Cornwall and Devon, the day populated with events and networking and musings alongside installations and talks by local artist groups, such as Keiken Collective, Back Lane West and Howl Projects, amongst others. Medium Rare contracted us to bring their visions of open art discourse to life, and …

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