Mammoth Soup

The Hague-based Satellietgroep invited Theun of FoAM Amsterdam as an artist-in-residence for two months of cultural research on the Zandmotor. On this giant artificial sandbank that has been constructed at the coast near the Hague as an innovative method of coastal defence, fossils can be found that have been deposited along with the sand from the North Sea floor. During the two-month residency I gathered a sizeable collection of fossils. It ...

Boskoi Denmark

In April 2013 we were approached by Susan Rosenild working at the department of nature and public health of the Vordingborg Municipality in Denmark. Her department was interested in the possibility of translating FoAM's opensource foraging app into Danish to use it for school classes and citizens, who prefer Danish language. Together we translated all the species of plants and other wildfood sources in the app and the user interface.

Biohacking and yeastograms

As university researchers fall foul to increasing metric and bureaucratic demands, time and energy for creativity is ever decreasing. At the same time, access to formal learning in the UK is becoming harder with increased university fees. A niche is opening...

Biohackspaces, or community biology labs, are popping up globally – offering anyone the opportunity to learn and play with biology, without committing to a long, prescriptive, and expensive university course.

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