Opening Future Fictions

Future Fiction Opens on Saturday 4th of October 2014. The exhibition explores how contemporary artists, designers and architects relate to future thinking and imaging. During the exhibition FoAM inhabits the Futures Lab, a laboratory for experimental world construction. The lab will become our temporary research archive, workshop and reading room, where we explore what it means to prototype and rehearse possible futures in the present. While we investigate the processes, …

Symbai field test in India

Some photos from Shakti Lamba who is currently testing Symbai in the Chhattisgarh state in north eastern India.

Symbai is part of a project to study the evolution of sociality and culture in humans. Shakti collects detailed networks of knowledge, prestige and friendship in villages with contrasting cultural structures in rural India.

A Curious Librarium with artistic tendencies

Rebecca Conroy visited the f0am library for a week in September to share stories from her Sydney based Librarium, as well as possible future exchange ideas around radical archiving and the different forms and functions of library spaces around the world. After reading an obscure passage from the latest book by Italian philosopher Maurizio Lazzarato for the library salon, she presented a brief talk for the Library salon. The following …

Stralend opbranden en stenen stapelen

Barbara Raes op de reflectiedag voor de podiumkunsten: "Een burn-out ontstaat wanneer de kloof tussen je eigen diepe overtuigingen en de overlevingspatronen van je dagelijkse praktijk te groot geworden is. Eigenlijk daar waar drijfkracht en onmacht elkaar ontmoeten. Elk tijdperk kent zijn valstrikken, en uitgeput zijn is van alle tijden. Wat echter telt, is hoe we ermee omgaan. In die zin vertelt de ‘ziekte’ veel over het reilen en zeilen …

Designing Scarcity

Het Nieuwe Instituut hosted a show on scarcity as an agent for design innovation. FoAM was invited to exhibit the free and open source smartphone foraging app Boskoi.

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